The Midseason Report Card Awards Award-Fest Report

So we’re at week nine of this fabulous fantasy season (and real NFL season too, I suppose), which, for those of us who are mathematically challenged, is approximately midway through the year. What better time to take stock of where our teams stand and where we project for the rest of the year? Or, more accurately, what better time to make fun of Joel and Patrick’s hilariously bad teams and to brag about my insanely loaded undefeated fake-football juggernaut?

We’ll do a quick little team by team breakdown with some categories. Don’t worry, you’ll catch on quick. We’ll go in order by current place in the standings (On second thought, I might just write 12 entries about my team).

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TheMulchPile is Back, Kinda

You’d been talking to your therapist about it for months.

The date was June 26th, 2013, and everything about your day was normal. You woke up, checked your twitter, and giggled with anticipation when you saw that a new TheMulchPile post was up. You thought to yourself, “I hope mornings like this continue to happen for the foreseeable future.” You read the clever little piece on the NBA draft, went through your day, and went to bed.  Continue reading