About the Blog/Myself

My name is Doug Schultz. I’m a recent graduate from the University of Mary Washington with the same writing aspirations as any other blogger. I substitute teach, coach basketball, I’m editing a novel, and my mom is very proud of me.

The name The Mulch Pile wasn’t one easily arrived at. At first I tried something clever playing off my name, like Doug Life, (you know, instead of Thug Life, because that’s TOTALLY me) but then I thought it sounded the same way you probably think it sounds. Next, I tried to work with my long-time dope ripoff nickname, Doug E. Fresh, and thought about something like Fresh Takes, but that sounded a little too poetic/philosophical/Subway-endorsed.

So why The Mulch Pile? Well, in elementary school (I attended Linden Elementary – Leading Leopards for life), our outdoor basketball court had this massive mulch pile in the left corner of the court. This thing literally lasted for 4 years. It endured through weather, destructive little kids, multiple resurfacing projects of the jungle gym, and even a renovation of the gymnasium. To this day, there is still a giant fade mark on the court where the pile was. Because it lasted for so long, that mulch pile was a staple of my youth, as well as the development of my basketball career (I still prefer to operate from the right of the court – if I have to operate at all). While the pile severely hampered our pickup games and was a major inconvenience, I wouldn’t have had my court any other way. So, The Mulch Pile is a symbol that represents everything about me: a love of basketball, a huge annoyance, and a pile of dirt and poop.

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