If Lil Wayne Isn’t a Human Being (2), Then What is He? Exploring Weezy’s Identity Crisis

Weezy F Baby. The Birdman Junior. Lil-Weezyana. The Rapper Eater. Mister Carter. Mister I Can’t Make an Appointment. Tunechi. And the F is for Forensics. And the F is for Phenomenal. Lil Weezy. The Best Rapper Alive.

Who is Lil Wayne? For years I’ve asked myself this question while listening to what feels like an infinite catalogue of his albums, mixtapes, and features, and have found myself more confused than someone coming out of a Sizzurp binge. Never in my life has an artist been so hot and cold for me; at times I’ll listen to his music and be floored by greatness, and others I’ll have no choice but to ask myself, is this even music? Continue reading

Are We Approaching a Golden Age for the NBA?

After beating the Orlando Magic last night by playing hard for approximately four minutes of game time, the Miami Heat extended their winning streak to 27 (feels like 100) and took one step closer breaking one of the most outrageous records in NBA history.

Obviously, Miami’s streak is the best story of the season, but what’s so awesome about this year’s NBA is that even if Miami didn’t win all of these games in a row, this would still be a great year for the league. In fact, it’s almost a shame that Miami can’t lose, because it’s forced us to overlook the greatness of almost everything else that’s going on. For example:

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March Madness Through 3 1/2 Days: “WE WERE SO WRONG!!!”

As of eight o’clock last night, my bracket was in phenomenal shape. I had all of my Elite 8’s left, and with only Gonzaga and Syracuse left to play for the evening, life was good. Then Wichita State happened, prompting maybe the worst twitterage of my life. Here’s a sampling.

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