Smash N’ Dash Radio Show – NBA Trade Deadline Feature

So tonight I was featured on the Smash N’ Dash Radio Show on University of South Florida’s Bulls radio. We talked NBA deadline deals and such, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t embarrass myself, so I’m calling the evening a success. Note – I came in right after the break (around the 30 minute mark), but you really should listen to the whole thing. Here’s the link:


NBA Trade Deadline Musings

I’m not really sure why, but I think trades/transactions are one of the most exciting aspects of sports. Think about it, we as humans are addicted to trading. We do it with stocks every day. We did it at the lunch table when we were children. More sports-cifically (I’m coming for you, Webster’s Dictionary), when we create video game sports franchises, the first thing we do is trade away our entire team for draft picks. Our fantasy football teams always have like 50 transactions by the end of the season.

With this understanding in mind, it only makes sense that basketball fans are obsessed with tomorrow’s NBA trade deadline. So, fulfilling my bloggerly (I’m on fire today!) duties, I offer my thoughts.

DISCLAIMER: Before we start, I want to verify the obvious – I am not Chris Broussard (thank God) or any other NBA insider, so all of my sources are secondhand. Basically, the only information I have access to is comprised of news reports, ESPN analysis, etc. So instead of providing any real news, I can only offer conjecture and my opinions about previously reported information. Continue reading

The Art of the Rapper Filler Noise

We’ve all heard it: your favorite rapper is flowing along in a song quite nicely, mixing creative wordplay with well-timed punchlines, when all of a sudden they’re hit in the face with a disturbing realization – Oh crap, I’m going to have an extra few beats at the end of this line and I have nothing left to say, think, think, uhh, umm (insert random noise)! – The next thing you know, the rapper is back on his horse, he finishes his verse, and the casual listener is none the wiser as to what just happened.  Continue reading